The Caravan Magazine: V.2 E.2


Fearing the rising popularity and fame of Baha’u’llah, the government of Baghdad exiled Him to Constantinople. After which He was further exiled to Adrianople and finally to Akka in Israel, where He spent rest of His life. These days of joy and celebration also reminds us of connecting ourselves with the Manifestation of God, if not by His presence, then by His words and teachings. The messages from the Manifestations of God have been loud and clear in every era. However, there have been evil-minded people in all the eras who have tried their level best to tamper the divine words and alter the message based on their personal gains. But the truth always triumphs and sooner or later it becomes evident for the sincere ones trying to follow the pristine message of God.
This edition of The Caravan Magazine contains instances where misguided ones with their evil intentions have tried to manipulate and subordinate the divine decisions. In their lust of power,they have overstepped the limits standing against the divine laws, all under the banner of religion.

Click here for complete magazine.

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