The Right Of God – Huquq’ullah


Dearly-loved Friends,

One of the spiritual responsibilities of the followers of Baha’ullah is to observe the Huququ’llah (the Rights of God), a law requiring the payment of 19% of total savings from the annual income of a Baha’i’s work, trade, or crop. if it exceeds the value of 19 mithqals of gold. The Blessed Beauty has acknowledged the payment of Huququ’llah in Kitab-i Aqdas, as a means of increasing blessings and bounty, and to cause kindness in different respects. The Various NSAs, in collaboration with of the trustees of the Board of Huquq’u’llah hold regular meetings to encourage the Friends to pay the Huquq’ullah, and to plan for its receipt. They also intend to encourage those among the youth who are employed and possess particular skills to pay the Huququ’llah. We should all observe the following issues regarding the very important status of the Huququ’llah.

  1. According to Kitab-i Aqdas, payment of the right of God is a private and personal affair. No one is permitted to ask for it. No one is allowed to insist upon its payment. Therefore, to hold meetings, public invitations for the Friends, and any such planning for the receiving of the Huququ’llah from the Friends, etc.; all such activities that the US NSA is engaging in, is not in compliance with the Baha’i Revelations


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